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The Savvy Hotelier's Guide to Hotel Marketing Ideas

Hotel Marketing Ideas Guide


Here is a "Gold Mine" of Market-Tested Ideas to Help You Upgrade Every Area of Your Hotel's Marketing Program Into a High Performance System That Attracts More Guests and Builds Your Online Reputation.

"This guide is a fantastic launch pad for stimulating our team's imagination in brainstorming 'What actions can we take today to improve our hotels bookings tomorrow?' We will be using this as a constant reference at our marketing meetings to ensure we keep moving steadily forward."

- Adele Gutman
VP Sales & Marketing, HK Hotels
New York, USA

Are you one idea away from succeeding online? Do you want to be using the internet to attract new business, but secretly worry that you're missing the concept that will transform your marketing program?

Truth is, there are so many opinions out there on how to market online, but not all of them are good.

In this guide, you'll get proven strategies that you can use to:

  • Raise awareness and interest
  • Get more website visitors
  • Encourage direct bookings (saving 3rd-party fees)
  • Build your brand reputation
  • Develop loyal fans that do your marketing for you
  • Grow top-line revenue and bottom-line profits

This guide is very focused on results. Inside, you'll find page after page of market-tested ideas that will make you and your hotel more money.

The Savvy Hotelier's Guide to Hotel Marketing Ideas is divided into 10 sections:

Part 1: Strategy

  • How the way people use the web has fundamentally changed (And what it means for you)
  • Common characteristics of the most marketing-savvy hotels today
  • Ways to involve your whole staff in the marketing process
  • How hotels on "shoestring" budgets are using sites like Expedia and Priceline to their advantage

Part 2: Market Research

  • Why the web is the perfect research environment (And how to take advantage of that)
  • How to (ethically) monitor your competitors' marketing strategies
  • Tips for getting cheap, nearly-instant market feedback on your new ideas

Part 3: Advertising

  • Evaluation questions to use before a campaign to improve your chances of success
  • The important distinction between mass promotion and mass personalization - and how to make it work for you
  • Why (and how) to audit your advertising performance and profit contribution
  • The 100+ year-old advertising awareness process that is still true today

Part 4: Website

  • Best design tips for building effective hotel websites
  • Specific ideas for increasing your website's sales conversion rate (turning website browsers into bookers)
  • Top 10 email marketing tips for hotels
  • How to integrate multiple languages and perform well internationally
  • A new strategy that 3 (very different) hotels are using to boost sales

Part 5: Search Engine Marketing

  • How to show search engines your content is valuable to their users
  • The 'lazy' way to quickly growing your web presence
  • How 'hyper-local' blogging might help you
  • Top 10 factors search engines use for local search results ranking
  • Dangerous SEO myths to avoid
  • How to save money (and boost profits) when using paid search advertising

Part 6: Online Reputation Management

  • How (and where) to listen to what people are saying about your hotel online
  • Free tools that make this process quick and simple
  • The most important terms and phrases you must monitor
  • Ways you can proactively build your online reputation
  • Insider tips from managers at 5 popular guest-reviewed hotels

Part 7: Social Media

  • Top social media uses for hotels (Plus: 10 common pitfalls)
  • Detailed, platform-specific tips for each of the major social media networks: Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogging, social bookmarking
  • How to build a social media fanbase that does most of the work for you online…for free
  • Time management tips for social media management (Plus: top tools to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness)
  • How to turn social media activity into additional profits for your hotel or organization

Part 8: Press and Media

  • Why creating an exceptional experience is foundational to positive PR
  • The systems and procedures you'll need in place to ensure this happens
  • Low-cost, high-impact places to distribute your news
  • How to use "firestarters" to quickly spread any message
  • How to enlist bloggers in your campaign to generate internet buzz

Part 9: Metrics and Measurement

  • How to read "behind the numbers" and get insights for making decisions
  • The most important metrics to track...and why
  • Vital website metrics (Plus ideas for testing)
  • Key email marketing and social media metrics (Plus ideas for testing)

Part 10: Service

  • The steps successful hotels take to ensure great service
  • How to design a 'service architecture' for a consistently good guest experience
  • 2 questions you need to ask each of your guests

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"This guide is an excellent starting point for developing any hotel's successful online marketing strategies - very comprehensive."

- Joseph Curran
Marketing Director, Hotel Nikko
San Francisco, USA

"I've just finished reading The Savvy Hoteliers Guide to Hotel Marketing Ideas, and found it packed full of easy to digest marketing ideas. Let me reassure you that $97 added to this month's marketing budget will be the best value marketing expenditure you make. You'll have an arsenal of ideas to implement within your own business and it may just allow you to reduce your 2010 marketing expenditure by a lot more than $97!"

- Russell Imrie
Edinburgh, UK

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